UPDATE (December 2021)

 The Claims Deadline has now passed, and no further claims can be filed. The Administrator is reviewing the claims received and will contact you if further information is required.   Payment to Class Members who filed for the minimum $20 payment is expected to occur in the Spring of 2022. Please check this website for regular updates on the expected timing of the payments. 

Class action lawsuits were commenced in Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec alleging that several LIB manufacturers (the “Defendants”) conspired to fix prices for LIBs, resulting in higher prices for LIBs and LIB Products sold in Canada.

LIBs are rechargeable batteries used in electronic products.

LIB Products are laptop computers, notebook computers, tablet computers, e-book readers, MP3 players, personal digital assistants, handheld GPS, handheld video players, cellphones, smartphones (excluding cellphones and smartphones sold as part of a service contract) or replacement batteries for any of these products. 

Settlements totaling CDN$21.3 million were reached with Defendants. The settlements have received court approval in Ontario, British Columbia and/or Quebec. The settlements are a compromise of disputed claims and are not admissions of liability. The settlements resolve the litigation in full.

The settlement funds (plus interest, less approved fees and expenses) are available for distribution to eligible claimants.

Subject to further court order, undocumented claims will be paid $20 and do not require proof of purchase. If you wish to be eligible to receive more than $20, proof of purchase is required.

The remainder of the settlement funds (after paying undocumented claims) will be distributed on a proportional basis, based on the value of your claim relative to the value of all approved claims.

The value of your claim for the purpose of determining your share of the settlement funds will be calculated based on:

(a) the number and type of LIBs or LIB Products purchased (a point value will be assigned based on the number of LIB cells and value of the LIB cells within each product type); and

(b) your position in the distribution chain.

See the FAQs tab for further information.

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